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Developing Resources, Raising Awareness & Providing Support for Children with Disabilities and their Families.
About Special Kids Crusade!
Founded by parents of developmentally disabled children, Special Kids Crusade understands the challenges and achievements of children with differing abilities. We are working hard to develop quality regional resources, raise awareness in the community, and provide much-needed support for these special children and their families.

Here's how we plan to do that:

Developing Resources
New Program Development
Existing Program Enhancement
Resource Networking

Working together with parents, who are the natural advocates of their children, Special Kids Crusade has identified programs and services that are most needed for developmentally disabled children. Through networking opportunities, we've begun building collaborative relationships with existing resources and service providers to stimulate the development and improvement of programs, such as after-school care and recreational programs, school-break programs, and peer relationship building. Utilizing funds raised through charitable endeavors, private donations, and grant monies, Special Kids Crusade can financially support these programs and services to ensure long-term success.

Support services do not end when these children are young. Special Kids Crusade's long-term vision encompasses the development of programs and services for children as they age, fostering independent, productive, and satisfying futures. Developing new resources and enhancing existing ones is vital for these children's future within our community, and providing the funding source to support it makes Special Kids Crusade unique from other organizations.

Raising Awareness
Media Relations
Special Events
Ability Awareness Trainings

Blending into society can be a challenge for families with developmentally disabled children. People usually lack the information to respond appropriately or compassionately when they encounter special needs children. Utilizing media relations, speaking engagements, training sessions, and special events, Special Kids Crusade hopes to break down attitudinal barriers and raise awareness about developmentally disabled children.

By teaming with disabilities awareness trainers and providers, Special Kids Crusade has developed a strong awareness campaign and provides community-based Ability Awareness trainings. Increased community awareness will lead to long-term community support for aging developmentally disabled children and provide greater understanding of the challenges they face.

Providing Support
Family Resource Center
Family Resource Directory
Informal Support Network
Educational Advocacy

Raising a family is a stressful endeavor in todays' fast-paced world, but raising a family with a developmentally disabled child compounds that stress. No one understands better that the parents of these special needs children. Special Kids Crusade offers an informal support system bringing parents together in a positively focused organization with hands-on opportunities to change their children's lives. SKC hopes to expand its support network in the future to include formalized support groups tailored to each unique disability and audience.

Special Kids Crusade also provides support to families through educational advocacy on behalf of children with developmental disabilities. SKC works with parents, educators, and public agencies to create collaborative relationships designed to enhance special education programs and services, ensure adherence to legal rights and responsibilities, and provide the best education possible for children of differing abilities. Through parent involvement, open communication, reciprocal support, and information provision, exceptional special education programs and services can be achieved.
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The mission of Special Kids Crusade is to work together with families and the community to develop resources, raise awareness, and provide support for children with disabilities and their families. En Español
"Our son Nolan has blossomed into a more social outgoing child who has made friends at the club and enjoys playing with other kids. Thanks to the help of SKC, he now has friends, and gets invited to birthday parties and occasional play dates  He no longer gets upset because he has no friends. Thank you SKC!"