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Developing Resources, Raising Awareness & Providing Support for Children with Disabilities and their Families.

Including Special Kids Program
Including Special Kids is an intensive developmental intervention, embedded within well-established community youth programs. This evidence-based,, after-school program teaches children with developmental disabilities the skills they need to be fully included members of their community; it also provides communities the tools they need to fully include all their members. Participants are provided with one-to-one staffing (Inclusion Assistants) as they learn to navigate a wide variety of activities, to engage in satisfying peer relationships and to interact with small and large groups. San Andreas Regional Center funds the majority of participants; private pay and insurance options are also available. Including Special Kids serves children in the following locations:
Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey, Salinas Unit
The First Tee of Monterey County

Ability Awareness Training
Working collaboratively with the Monterey County SELPA (Special Education Local Plan Area), Special Kids Crusade offers Ability Awareness trainings for local schools and community organizations. These unique trainings offer children and adults the opportunity to experience first-hand what it might be like to have a wide range of disabilities. Each experiential station provides every-day tasks and activities that individuals with disabilities find very challenging (e.g., buttoning a shirt while your fingers are taped together or completing a written task with your non-dominant hand while faced with overwhelming visual and auditory distractors). Children and adults gain new insight into the world of differing abilities, and come away with new ideas and perspectives on how to work with, play with, and include special needs individuals in our community.

REACH Basketball (formerly VIP Basketball)
For six Saturdays each January through March, sounds of laughter, shouts of praise and waves of applause can be heard both on and off the court in support of a group of young athletes, ages 6 to 22, who are having fun doing something they rarely get the chance to do: have fun playing basketball with their peers.

While REACH Basketball is, indeed, about giving children with developmental disabilities the opportunity to play the game of basketball, at its core, it is so much more. Through weekly one-on-one connections with their volunteer partners, REACH participants get a chance to develop gross motor skills, enhance cognitive abilities and practice socializing with peers and adults in a nurturing and supportive environment.

REACH Theatre
Through REACH Theatre, actors of all abilites and talents will be given opportunities to gain self-confidence, improve their communication skills, find new ways to express themselves and learn how to work effectively and creatively with others.

Special Kids Crusade's REACH programs provide recreational and personal development opportunities for children and young adults with developmental disabilities. Collaborations with community partners, such as ARIEL Theatrical in Salinas, create environments of inclusion that result from peer acceptance and understanding, often on very personal levels, for everyone involved.

Family Resource Center
The Special Kids Crusade Family Resource Center includes parent empowerment workshops, parent professional collaborative activities, a resource library, parent-to-parent support, and a help desk for families of children with disabilities. Please visit one of our locations--see the published Hours of Operation listed below, or call for an appointment to meet with a Family Support Liaison.

Family Resource Center
1900 Garden Road, Suite 230
Monterey, California
Monday through Friday
Or by appointment

344 Salinas Street, Suite 104
Salinas, California
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Or by appointment

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Our son Nolan has blossomed into a more social outgoing child who has made friends at the club and enjoys playing with other kids. Thanks to the help of SKC, he now has friends, and gets invited to birthday parties and occasional play dates  He no longer gets upset because he has no friends. Thank you SKC!
"I would like to tell you what G’s participation in SKC has meant to our family. Being a special needs child can be a challenge in itself. Students rarely have an opportunity to socialize with other youth and often feel out of place. I can remember that this was very much how G felt until he attended the Boys’ and Girls’ Club with an assisted specialist from SKC. Then I saw G flourish and turn from a caterpillar into a butterfly, he thrived, laughed, felt included and respected. G was one of the first children who began attending the club with SKC and it was so exciting to see him so eager each morning to finish his school day so he could attend. He liked his entire inclusion specialist staff and he learned valuable tools such as sportsmanship, sharing, patience and the basic skills of taking turns. He also wanted to attend Teen Night which he did and danced all night.

G has become a very caring and compassionate young man and will be a senior in high school in the fall, he is also graduating out of SKC because he has met his goals. He attends most of his afternoons at the program on his own; he is full of self-confidence and has made many friends.

What is so different today than when he became a part of the SKC family is that when I pick him up after school he walks with his head up high. What a great sight, that makes me want to cry with joy. Bless you all SKC."