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I Belong

Inclusion means belonging. For all children inclusion means belonging.  For children with developmental delays inclusion means being a valued member of the class, a full member of the team, a cherished friend, a trusted playmate.  Just like it does for other kids, inclusion means I belong.  I belong to this family; I belong to this class; I belong to this church; I belong to this group.  Often for children, and adults too, with developmental delays, the nature of the developmental delay impacts the ability to join a group so you can actually belong. 

This is where the Including Special Kids™ Joining Skills Assessment can help you.  The ISK Joining Skills Assessment has helped many parents, teachers, coaches, and  therapists identify the needed skills, assess the child’s competencies, and make plans for teaching the child the skills needed to join groups and to belong.  Remember all children learn these skills. All children learn to sit in a circle, to share a toy, to play with another child.  And your child can too!  Using the ISK Joining Skills Assessment is the place to start.  Once you know your child’s competencies on critical joining skills, you can create the opportunities for your child to learn to attend, participate, and collaborate with groups at school, home, and in the community.  

Your child may not have learned these skills.  Not yet.  This is the place to start.

Special Kids Crusade's Including Special Kids™ program helps parents, educators, professionals and family members identify and further develop the skills a child most needs to be a part of a group, to form meaningful relationships, to make friends and to fully belong.

Below are a few of the tools Special Kids Crusade has developed and uses as part of its Including Special Kids™ program. For more information on ways Special Kids Crusade can help you, your child, your child's school or community group implement these tools, contact Special Kids Crusade at (831) 372-2730, and ask for Lori McDonnal.  


What does it mean to be an Attender, Participator and Collaborator? What do children in each of these categories look like in our community? What can you do today to help these children develop the skills they need to participate in groups and have positive, meaningful interactions with others?

How to use the Including Special Kids

The Skills Assessment Tool determine's your child's current placement on the Circles of Inclusion (above). How should this tool be used? How is a determination made based on observations?

The Including Special Kids™

The Skills Assessment Tool is used to evaluate a child's behavior using 9 areas of assessment: Using the Restroom, Volume, Moving Safely, Referencing, Engaging in Activities, Communicating, Cooperating, Regulating Emotions, and Making Friends.

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